No matter what program you decide to participate in, if you are a second year student, this opportunity will allow you to gain work experience related to your career interests.  This strategy builds your skills and knowledge in your chosen career path and furthers your study within the area of interest. Work Based Learning allows students in the second year of their career program to gain work experience related to their career interests. This strategy builds students’ skills and knowledge in their chosen career path and furthers their study within the area of interest. To participate, students must be excellent performers in their career program and be responsible to manage their time.  Students are paid for the work they perform and are supervised by the Work-Based Learning instructor. A standards-based training plan is developed by the student, instructors, and workplace mentor to guide the student’s work-based learning experiences and assist in evaluating achievement and performance. The Work-Based Learning related class meets 3 hours per week, and the work experience is 15 or more hours per week. Work experiences take place during school time as well as after school hours.

You Will Learn:

  • Participate in on-the-job training
  • Learn about money and time management
  • Complete education and career plans
  • Build upon skills and knowledge in your chosen career path
  • Earn money for the work you perform

A Typical Student

The typical student is mature, responsible, enjoys on-the-job learning, and wants to gain experience in a job related to their career goal. Students have performed well in the classroom during their first and into their second year of their career program, and they are expected to perform well on the job. Typical students receive acceptable or better job evaluations.  Evaluations are a large part of a student’s grade each nine weeks.

Get Yourself Ready

Participation in the Work Based Learning program is based upon performance in the career program during the first year and the beginning of the second year. Students who have excelled in the classroom, in the lab, and in the completion of certifications and dual credit courses are candidates for the Work-Based Learning program. Students must show a high level of maturity and responsibility to be selected.

When you Finish

Upon completing this program, you may remain at the businesses where you have gained work experience through the program, move on to other employment, and/or continue your education at the postsecondary level in 2 or 4-year degree programs.

Program Completion Evaluation

After completing the Work Based Learning program, students are evaluated on technical and essential skills. The Technical Skills Evaluation documents the WBL skills learned. The Essential Skills Evaluation documents the workplace skills all WCC students should learn. The documents were developed by WCC teachers, in cooperation with their industry advisory committees, and are updated each year.


Work Based Learning Technical Skills Evaluation

Essential Skills Evaluation


Work Based Learning Program Elements January 2023