Diesel Technology is a hands-on program. If you like to disassemble things to see how they work and think that you might enjoy working on diesel-fueled tractor trailers and heavy equipment, then you should consider this program.

You Will Learn:

  • Diesel engine operating principles
  • Diagnostic & repair techniques
  • How to service tractor trailers, electric generators, & farm & construction equipment
  • Engine overhaul & replacement

A Typical Student

The typical student is one that enjoys hands-on learning. Successful students have the patience and attention to detail to solve problems using the skills they have learned. They can work on projects independently or with other students. They take initiative, check their work as needed, and stay on task without constant supervision. Safety is a primary focus, and students must follow the guidelines to keep themselves and others safe.

Get Yourself Ready

To be prepared for success, be on track for graduation and develop a good work ethic. The following pathway courses will help prepare you for the Diesel Technology career program, further education and training, and a career in the automotive industry:

  • Preparing for College & Careers
  • Introduction to Transportation
  • Other technology courses


Diesel Technology Program Elements January 2023