Precision Machine Technology is a hands-on program. If you want to use your mechanical aptitude and have a high interest in precision work, then you should consider this program. Participate in the Early College option and earn the Ivy Tech Certificate in Machine Tool Technology while at WCC.

Early College Option

Whitewater Career Center is an Early College Career Center. Earn the Ivy Tech Certificate in Machine Tool Technology by completing all dual credits offered over two years. Students will be required to pass additional certifications to earn the Certificate, and additional fees will apply.  Students who complete the Certificate are eligible to participate in Ivy Tech Richmond’s graduation ceremony. Take additional dual credit classes at your high school to work toward the next steps of a Technical Certificate and/or Associate of Applied Science in Machine Tool Technology. These classes include:

  • Dual Credit Speech
  • Dual Credit Math
  • Dual Credit English
  • Dual Credit Physical Science

You Will Learn:

  • How to machine complex projects involving tight tolerances
  • How to use lathes, mills, drill presses, & surface grinders
  • How to read part prints
  • How to measure & check quality
  • CNC set-up, programming, & operation

A Typical Student

The typical student is one that enjoys hands-on learning and has the applied math skills to be successful. There will be a significant emphasis on measuring and meeting tolerance requirements at the beginning of the first-year program. These skills will be necessary for the second year of the program, further training, and a career in machining. Successful students have the patience and attention to detail to solve problems using the skills they have learned. They can work on projects independently or with other students. They take initiative, check their work as needed, and stay on task without constant supervision. Safety is a primary focus, and students must follow the guidelines to keep themselves and others safe.

Get Yourself Ready

Employment and admission into apprenticeship programs and specialty training programs can be competitive. To increase your chance of success, do your best in all high school courses, be on track for graduation, and develop a good work ethic. The following pathway courses will help prepare you for the Precision Machine Technology program, further education and training, and a career in the machining industry:

  • Preparing for College & Careers
  • Introduction to Manufacturing
  • Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing


Precision Machine Technology Program Elements January 2023