Early College Career Center

WCC is a fully-endorsed Early College Career Center by the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning at the University of Indianapolis.



Four programs currently offer all the technical courses required to earn an Ivy Tech Certificate (CT) before high school graduation. The CT is the first postsecondary credential available at Ivy Tech.


WCC Program  Automotive Technology

CT  Maintenance and Light Repair


WCC Program  Health Science

CT  Dementia Care

CT  Certified Nursing Aide



WCC Program  Precision Machine Technology

CT  Machine Tool Technology


WCC Program  Welding Technology

CT  Maintenance and Light Repair



Vincennes University has endorsed the Criminal Justice program as an early college program through the college. Students can take all five (5) technical courses required for the CG in Law Enforcement by completing two years at WCC. To complete the CG, students are required to complete five (5) academic courses, including COMM 101 offered at WCC. The courses are available at several of our partnering high schools.

Criminal Justice



COMM 101 (3 credits)

Beginning in the Spring 2022, WCC offers COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking to all WCC students. COMM 101 is a general education course required for most degree programs. The course is offered at no cost to students, including the textbook fee. Some high schools also credit students with one semester of high school English after successful completion of the course. Students must apply to Ivy Tech, meet the course prerequisites, and successfully complete the course to earn the college credits.


In addition, the sending high schools offer a wide variety of academic dual credit. Connersville High School is an endorsed Early College High School, and Franklin County High School is seeking endorsement. Students are encouraged to complete academic dual credit courses at their high schools to move toward the Technical Certificate (TC) at Ivy Tech and Certificate of Graduation (CG) at Vincennes University.



8 Core Principles of Early College Career Centers



In March 2020, WCC was fully-endorsed as an Early College Career Center by the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis. Initially, three programs were designated as Early College career programs because of their dual credit partnership with Ivy Tech. All three programs offer the dual credits necessary to earn a postsecondary credential after two years at WCC.


During the 2019-20 school year, Whitewater Career Center students could earn the following Certificates (CTs):

Postsecondary Credential
WCC Program
CT Maintenance & Light Repair Ivy Tech Community College       21 Automotive Technology
CT Machine Tool Technology Ivy Tech Community College       27 Precision Machine Technology
CT Structural Welding Ivy Tech Community College       27 Welding Technology


Certificates (CTs) are the first postsecondary credential at Ivy Tech. With additional technical courses and academic courses, students can work toward the next credential – Technical Certificates (TCs).


The following CTs were added for the 2020-21 school year:

Postsecondary Credential
WCC Program
CT Dementia Care Ivy Tech Community College       3 Health Science II
CT CNA Preparation Ivy Tech Community College       5 Health Science II