Construction Technology is a hands-on program. You will use math skills to solve problems and complete tasks. If you like to work with your hands, especially outdoors, and would like to be part of a crew that builds structures in the community, this is the program for you.


You Will Learn:

  • Construction from the ground up
  • How to read technical drawings
  • How to transform drawings into physical structures
  • Beginning aspects of residential design and site work
  • How to apply skills to school and community building projects


A Typical Student

The typical student is one that enjoys hands-on learning and has the solid math skills to be successful. There will be a significant emphasis on measurement and conversions at the beginning of the first-year program. These skills will be necessary through the second year of the program, during further training, and on the job. Successful students have the patience and attention to detail to solve problems using the skills they have learned. They can work on projects independently or with other students. They can read technical drawings, check their work as needed, and stay on task without constant supervision. Safety is a primary focus, and students must follow OSHA guidelines to keep themselves and others safe.


Get Yourself Ready

To be prepared, focus on doing well in algebra and geometry courses. Employment and admission into apprenticeship programs and specialty training programs after high school can be competitive. To increase your chances, do your best in all high school courses. The following courses will help prepare students for the Construction Technology career program, further education and training, and a career in the construction industry:

  • Algebra I and II
  • Geometry
  • Introduction to Construction
  • Technology courses