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WCC is gathering information about past students and their career success. The information will be shared with potential students and parents to highlight the future career opportunities that students can…Learn more

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December 3, 2020 – Click on LEARN MORE below for the document containing updated Fayette County School Corporation quarantine information. Contact Whitewater Career Center if you have any questions. UPDATED…Learn more

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February 19th
Students interested in taking a class at WCC fill out our online application. When you submit the application, it will go to your high school counselor. All applications can be found here: #WCCOpportunity WCCOpportunity photo
February 19th
Whitewater Career Center is gathering information about past students and their career success stories. The information will be shared with potential students and the community. Please share your story by completing the following survey. #WCCOpportunity
February 19th
Thanks to all who participated in our WCC Live Virtual Open House last night! If you couldn't attend, contact a teacher or the office to setup a time to chat! Contact information and details are on our site: #WCCOpportunity WCCOpportunity photo
February 18th
Whitewater Career Center is currently on a 2 hour delay Friday February 19. #WCCOpportunity #studentsuccess #career WCCOpportunity photo

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Career Center Success

"Thank you for all you do to help students find success for their futures! Ethan has thoroughly enjoyed his time at WCC. He is now prepared to enter the workforce and the career path of his dreams. I highly recommend WCC to any student looking to get a head start to their future."

JaLisa Fowler, Parent of a Precision Machine Technology Student from Connersville High School

"Not only do your students have the technical skills to step in, they are prepared to work in a manufacturing environment. They come to work every day, on time, and are able to communicate well. We work with three other programs in the tri-state area and rate Whitewater Career Center the far.”

Robin Rutschilling, Clippard

"We have found success hiring Whitewater Career Center students and placing them in our apprenticeship program. They are highly advanced in their skills and ready to face the challenges of employment. The Career Center is willing to listen to employers and understands what students need to know to be successful. Nixon Tool is grateful to have Whitewater Career Center in our community.”

Scott Nixon, President, Nixon Tool Co., Inc.

"Hiring WCC students has been a wonderful experience! We have hired some wonderful young men and women and are excited to see where life will take them."

Tanika Hughes, Staffing Development Coordinator, Heritage House of Richmond

"WCC is an invaluable resource for our students and community. The vast educational programming affords students opportunities to explore career and internship options, and in return students secure certifications and college credits while preparing for the workforce."

Heidi Reuss, Parent of an Information Technology student from Franklin County High School and Assistant Principal, Franklin County Middle School

"WCC students are quickly able to integrate themselves in the roles they fill in our organization. This shows good training. The students are prepared to work in the healthcare setting."

Paul Harville, RN, Director of Nursing, The Knolls of Oxford

"Hiring WCC students has allowed us to add new talent to our workforce and with the hopes they will continue to grow within our company."

Gina Robinson, Director of Health Services, Trilogy-The Springs of Richmond

“I recommend WCC to all students so they can test out a career choice before college.”

Jeanette Sterling, Parent of a Graphic Design student from Connersville High School
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