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Graphic Design II

Overview Second-year students have the opportunity to work on more complex projects and projects for local clients. Advanced instruction includes experiences in various printing processes as well as activities in designing product packaging and displays. Second-year students also work on completing their portfolios for presentation to postsecondary institutions and employers.   When you finish Students  … Read more

Graphic Design I

Overview Graphic Design I students plan, create, and analyze visual solutions to a variety of real world communication challenges. They combine imagery and visual text to effectively deliver messages for a variety of purposes, including advertising, displays, promotional materials, and other products. They are able to create strong page layout compositions using the foundation principles  … Read more

Precision Machine Technology II

Overview Precision Machine Technology II is a more in-depth study of skills learned in Precision Machine Technology I, with a stronger focus in CNC setup, programming, and operation. Projects concentrate on precision set-up and inspection work as well as machine shop calculations. Students develop skills in advanced machining and measuring parts involving tighter tolerances and  … Read more

Welding Technology II

Overview Welding II students focus on completing the AWS (American Welding Society) Sense Level 1 industry certification. Welding Technology II builds on the skills covered in Welding Technology I, and successful students have opportunities to complete internships at local companies during the spring semester. Instructional activities may include working on school and client projects to  … Read more