Graphic Design combines art with design. Video, music, animation, graphics, and photos – media is everywhere. If you want to enhance your creative talents with graphic design and interactive media, this is the program for you.

You Will Learn:

  • Design principles and elements
  • How to implement conceptual designs
  • How to critique others and work with clients
  • Industry software

A Typical Student

The typical student is creative and enjoys hands-on projects. Students who enroll in Graphic Design are comfortable using a computer and are ready to learn how to use the MAC platform with Adobe software. The typical student is artistically minded and has some artistic skills, especially drawing skills. Students are comfortable working independently on projects, working on a team, and working to help each other.

Get Yourself Ready

To be prepared for success, focus on art, English, communication, and technology classes. Do well in all academic classes, be on track for graduation, and develop a good work ethic. The following pathway courses will help prepare students for the Graphic Design program, college, and a career in the graphic design field:

  • Preparing for College & Careers
  • Introduction to Communications
  • Design Fundamentals


Graphic Design Program Elements January 2023