Second-year students have the opportunity to work on more complex projects and projects for local clients. Advanced instruction includes experiences in various printing processes as well as projects in multimedia design.  At this point, students are beginning a basic understanding of motion and how to create movement using text and image. Second-year students continue their work in Adobe Creative Cloud with the programs utilized in their first year, but also experiment with Adobe After Effects, Animate and Dreamweaver. Throughout year one and year two, students apply their skills to client and community projects from initial client meetings to final critiques and products. Second-year students also work on completing their portfolios for presentation to postsecondary institutions and employers.


When you finish

Students go on to a 2-year or 4-year colleges to major in art, graphic design, or a related field or gain employment in design related fields.


Industry Certifications

  • ADOBE Photoshop
    Testing required. Fees apply. Qualifies for THD Certification.
  • ADOBE Indesign
    Testing required. Fees apply. Qualifies for THD Certification.

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