Criminal Justice introduces students to public safety occupations and what it takes to protect and serve a community. Practical instruction focuses on the daily duties of police officers and other professionals of the justice system. If you are interested in law enforcement, forensics, homeland security, conservation, or the legal proceedings of the criminal justice system, you should consider this project-based, hands-on program.

Early College Option

Criminal Justice is an Early College program. Earn 15 credit hours toward the Vincennes University Law Enforcement Certificate of Graduation by successfully completing two years in the Criminal Justice program at WCC. Take additional dual credit classes at your high school to complete the Certificate. These classes include:

  • Dual Credit Speech
  • Dual Credit English
  • Dual Credit Social Science Elective
  • Dual Credit UCC Elective


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You Will Learn:

  • History of the criminal justice system
  • Crime prevention efforts
  • Securing a crime scene
  • Forensic investigation
  • Collection and preservation of evidence
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Fingerprinting
  • Preparation of police reports
  • Courtroom demeanor and testifying
  • Radio communications
  • Patrol techniques
  • Traffic control
  • Crash reconstruction
  • Defensive techniques
  • CPR and First Aid


A Typical Student

The typical student is interested in a career in public safety, the legal system, the military, or other related fields. Successful students are mature and can behave appropriately in adult situations. They have the patience and attention to detail to solve problems using the skills they have learned. They can work on projects independently or with other students. They take initiative, check their work as needed, and stay on task without constant supervision. Safety is a primary focus, and students must follow the guidelines to keep themselves and other safe.


Get Yourself Ready

To be prepared for success, be on track for graduation and develop a good work ethic. The following pathway courses at your high school will help prepare you for the Criminal Justice career program, further education and training, and a career in criminal justice:

  • Preparing for College and Careers
  • Interpersonal Relationships