Health Science is a science-based program. If you dream of helping others and are looking for an opportunity to begin a career in the medical field, then you should consider this program.


You Will Learn:

  • Patient care with a focus on nursing
  • Anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and medical ethics
  • How to work with other health care professionals
  • Overviews of other skilled areas, including physical therapy, respiratory therapy, pharmacy, imaging, and dental assisting


A Typical Student

The typical student is college bound and has taken science and math courses to prepare them for the career program and beyond. Students have a strong work ethic, are compassionate and detail oriented, and have a mature attitude. Patient confidentiality and respect are expected and practiced throughout the program.


Get Yourself Ready

You will use many skills to solve problems and work with patients. To be prepared, take rigorous science courses, especially biology, chemistry, and anatomy courses. The following courses will help prepare you for the Health Science I program, further training, and a career in the health field:

  • AP or Advanced Chemistry
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • AP or Advanced Biology