Construction Technology II builds on the formation, installation, maintenance, and repair skills learned in Construction Technology I. Students will develop basic knowledge, skills, and awareness of interior trim and the installation of drywall, moldings, interior doors, cabinets, and baseboard moldings. Students will also develop exterior finishing skills. The program includes instruction on the installation of cornices, windows, doors and various types of sidings currently used in industry and on the design and construction of roof systems and the use of framing squares for traditional rafter and truss roofing. Students team with Electricity students to complete custom construction projects throughout the community. Year two students also develop leadership skills and work as team leaders.

Upon completion of this program, you may continue your education in 2 and 4-year degree programs at the postsecondary level or enter employment in one of the many construction fields. You may also enter apprenticeship programs for specific construction trades.


Industry Certifications

  • NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) Carpentry I Certification
    Testing required. Qualifies for THD Certification.


Construction Technology II satisfies the CORE 40, Academic Honors Diploma (AHD), and Technical Honors Diploma (THD) requirement for a “mathematics or quantitative reasoning (applied mathematics) course” during each year of high school.