Electricity II includes classroom and lab experiences in residential wiring, including electrical service, metering equipment, lighting, switches, outlets and other common components and methods of installation and maintenance of the residential wiring system in accordance with the current National Electrical Code. Wiring methods, material selection for commercial and industrial wiring systems, mechanical installation of hardware, and electrical design and layout are also covered. Instruction in thinking critically to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate technical problems and information will also be covered as it relates to health, safety, and welfare standards and codes as dictated by local, state and federal agencies. Students team with Construction Technology students to complete custom construction projects throughout the school and community.

When you Finish

Upon completion of this program, you may continue your education in 2 and 4-year degree programs or enter employment in one of the many electrical/construction fields. You may also enter apprenticeship programs for specific electrical or construction trades.

Industry Certifications

Dual College Credits

  • BCTI 130 Introduction to Electrical
    Ivy Tech  |  3 credits
    Qualifies for Technical Honors Diploma and Graduation Pathways dual credits.

QR – Quantitative Reasoning Course

Electricity II satisfies the CORE 40, Academic Honors Diploma (AHD), and Technical Honors Diploma (THD) requirement for a “mathematics or quantitative reasoning (applied mathematics) course” during each year of high school.


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