Information Technology II introduces students to concepts of local and wide area networks, home networking, networking standards using the IEEE/OSI Model, network protocols, transmission media, and network architecture/topologies. Security and data integrity will be introduced and emphasized throughout the year. Students will learn critical skills needed to successfully move into a role as an IT professional supporting networked computers. Concepts covered will include TCP/IP client administration, planning a network topology, configuring the TCP/IP protocol, managing network clients, configuring routers and hubs, and creating wireless LANs.


When You Finish

Upon completing the program, students continue their education at the postsecondary level in both 2 and 4-year degree programs, join the military, and enter employment in local computer technology and support businesses.


Industry Certifications

Dual College Credit

  • NETI 105 Network Fundamentals
    Ivy Tech  |  3 credits
    Testing required. Qualifies for THD Priority Dual Credits.