Information Technology is a hands-on career program. Students apply what they learn by working on projects. If you’re committed to learning and adapting to new technological advancements and want to be part of the fast-growing computer industry, this is the program for you.


You Will Learn:

  • Hardware and software components
  • How to perform computer troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Network administration and design
  • How to program and document equipment specifications


A Typical Student

The typical Information Technology student is a solid academic student who likes computers and plans to go on to college or additional training after high school. Students who enroll in Information Technology plan to pursue a career in a computer-related field, including programming, engineering, networking, support, and more. Successful students have the patience and attention to detail to solve problems using the skills they have learned. They can work on projects independently or with other students. They understand time management as it relates to customer service and can stay on task without constant supervision. Students entering this program are expected to have computer knowledge.


Get Yourself Ready

To be prepared, focus on math and computer classes. Develop your spoken communication skills, and do well in all academic classes. Employment in the computer field and admission into college programs can be competitive. The following courses will help prepare you for the Information Technology program, college, and a career in the computer technology field:

  • Advanced math courses
  • Computer courses
  • Business courses
  • Technology courses