Electricity II

Overview Electricity II includes classroom and lab experiences in residential wiring, including electrical service, metering equipment, lighting, switches, outlets and other common components and methods of installation and maintenance of the residential wiring system in accordance with the current National Electrical Code. Wiring methods, material selection for commercial and industrial wiring systems, mechanical installation of  … Read more

Electricity I

Overview Electricity I focuses on the installation and repair of the electrical and wiring systems of physical structures, including instruction on the reading of technical drawings and their application in construction processes. Topics include the relationship between views and details, interpretation of dimension, transposing scale, tolerance, electrical symbols, sections, material lists, architectural plans, room schedules,  … Read more


WCC offers 13 career programs for high school juniors and seniors. Whether students choose to go directly from high school to college, work, the military, an apprenticeship, or any combination of these, our goal is to help students prepare for their career. At WCC, students gain the experience to make informed career decisions and the  … Read more

Education Careers

Overview Education Careers is a student intern teaching program. Students apply what they learn in real classrooms with real students. If you enjoy working with children and recognize the talents of each individual child, this is the program for you.   You Will Learn: To identify learning styles To use strategies to address learning styles How  … Read more

Diesel Technology I

Overview Students learn engine operating principles and theories as well as diesel-fuel systems. The program is designed to provide hands-on training related to modern diesel engines. Topics covered include inspection, troubleshooting, overhaul, and engine replacement procedures. The typical school day is divided between classroom and lab experiences concerned with all phases of repair work. Instruction  … Read more

Education Careers I

Overview Education Careers I provides the foundation for employment in education and related careers and for study in higher education. The program uses an active learning approach that utilizes higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes to study education and related careers. Topics include: the teaching profession, the learner and the learning process, instruction  … Read more

Diesel Technology

Overview Diesel Technology is a hands-on program. If you like to disassemble things to see how they work and think that you might enjoy working on diesel-fueled tractor trailers and heavy equipment, then you should consider this program.   You Will Learn: Diesel engine operating principles Diagnostic & repair techniques How to service tractor trailers, electric  … Read more

Cosmetology I

Overview Students complete 1500 hours of instruction over two school years to meet licensure requirements by the Indiana State Board of Cosmetology. Students who complete the requirements are prepared to take the state licensing examination. Students must attend Cosmetology I and II to accumulate the hours required. Students demonstrate proficiency in roller control, quick styling,  … Read more

Education Careers II

Overview Education Professions II prepares students for employment in education and related careers and prepares students for study in higher education. The program expands on knowledge and skills learned in Education Careers I and includes more in depth planning, writing, and implementation of developmentally appropriate lesson plans; incorporating literature into lessons; evaluating and selecting quality  … Read more

Diesel Technology II

Overview Diesel Technology II expands on the classroom and lab experiences from Diesel Technology I and focuses on diagnostic and repair of diesel electrical systems used to power buses, tractor trailers, electrical generators, construction and farm machinery, and similar equipment. Utilization of analog and digital meters, wiring diagrams, and other diagnostic tools are stressed as students  … Read more